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How Often Does Your Pet Need to See the Vet?

Pets are like babies. When they are younger, they need to be taken to the vet more frequently for checkups and vaccinations. The frequency of visits depends on what type of pet you have and their age. As they grow, the frequency reduces. After one year, a cat or dog usually must only visit the animal hospital or vet once a year. During this yearly visit, the animal will be given a thorough examination to look for any concerning signs. Here's a breakdown of how frequently different pets need to see the vet.


Newborn puppies should be taken to the vet within two days after birth, according to Daily Puppy, along with their mom. The vet checks the pups for any illness and defects and checks the mom as well for infections or complications. When they're around six weeks old, take them for another checkup. At this point, the vet will examine the pups and administer the required vaccinations, according to Wag! Once all the required vaccines are administered, you can take the dog to be spayed or neutered at around six months, according to PetMD.

According to Canine Journal, after a dog turns one, it should be taken yearly for a physical checkup. They'll also be given booster shots at these appointments. The vet may take a blood sample and request a stool sample to check for potential issues. Small dogs that are 12 years old are considered seniors. However, larger dogs are considered seniors when they are around seven years old. The senior dogs will require a checkup twice a year.


Take newborn kittens to the vet within a couple of weeks after birth, according to FixNation. Like puppies, kittens also need to be seen by the vet every month for the first four months. They'll be vaccinated and have their stool samples checked for parasites. Cats are also spayed or neutered between six and 12 months. After they turn one, annual trips to the vet must be made. After seven years of age, take the cat twice a year to the vet for their physical checkups, according to Pets WebMD.

Other Pets

Other pets such as birds, rabbits, and hamsters should be taken once a year to the vet, according to The Spruce Pets. During this time, the vet will inspect their teeth for infection, check their breathing and heart rates, and ensure their ears and eyes are clean and healthy.

In addition to taking your pet to the vet according to the recommended schedule, you should take them any time they are feeling unwell. This could be if they're vomiting constantly, won't leave their ears alone, sleeping much more than usual, or are showing other signs of feeling unwell. If you are unsure if your pet is feeling unwell, it's better to be safe than sorry and bring them to the vet. Give Norwalk Animal Hospital a call today to schedule an appointment for your pet.

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