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Dermatology Services

Skin diseases are very common in dogs and cats and can be challenging to diagnose and treat without proper knowledge and tests. The sooner your pet is examined and treated, the sooner they will return to a happy, healthy pet. Allergies in dogs and cats are not only uncomfortable for them, but their excessive scratching can damage the skin barrier, which leads to a severe secondary skin infection.

At Norwalk Animal Hospital, we provide effective allergy management that relieves the itch and possibly prevents skin infection. There are several different good options for treating cat and dog allergies.

Your pet’s allergy management may include:

  • Cytopoint – an injection for dogs that controls the itch for 4-8 weeks

  • Apoquel – a daily tablet for dogs that controls the itch

  • Atopica – a daily tablet for dogs and topical for cats that control the itch

  • Hypoallergenic diet for food allergies

  • Medicated shampoos and topicals

  • Antibiotics for secondary bacterial infections

  • Antifungals for secondary fungal infections

  • Flea controls

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