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Diagnostic Testing

Our "state-of-the-art" diagnostic equipment helps break down your pet's health into multiple layers, which enables our team to more easily identify the source of issues. Because your pet can’t speak, it is often hard to know when they are starting to feel unwell. We use various diagnostic equipment to perform a wide range of tests at our facility, which enable to deliver accurate results quickly and affordably.

  • Complete blood counts (CBCs)

  • Blood chemistry panels, such as liver enzyme screening, pancreatic evaluation, kidney profiles, glucose and electrolyte levels, and more

  • Urinalysis to check the health of the kidneys and bladder

  • Fecal testing to check for intestinal parasites and other gastrointestinal problems

  • Disease screenings for FeLV and FIV in cats, and heartworm, tick-borne illness, and parvovirus in dogs

  • Digital x-ray to evaluate almost any organs in the body, including the heart, lungs, and abdominal organs, as well as the bones.

  • In house ultrasound

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