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4 Care Tips for Your Senior Pet

Pets usually become a big part of the family as they grow older. That's why it's important to care for them from their budding puppy or kitten stage into their old age. Like a human, your fur baby's needs will change over time, and they may need more trips to the pet hospital. If you have an aging pet on your hand, here are four tips for proper care.

1. Frequent Vet Visits

Ensure you have a reliable pet hospital nearby to quickly take your beloved animal to. Whether there's a need for an emergency or a checkup, you want to make sure you have reliable care ready. According to Brandywine Valley SPCA, vets suggest that senior animals should have checkups twice a year rather than just annually. Find a vet that's easy to get to and that your pet can bond with.

2. Nutrition Adjustments

Animal nutritional needs will certainly change as they get older. Especially in the case of dogs, your animal may eat less food, but they may need more vitamins and minerals. You may need to switch the type of food that you currently feed your pet. Older pets can suffer from the same joint problems as older humans. In addition to feeding them a nutritious diet, you may need to invest in supplements. Try adding vitamins to the food or even look into CBD oil for pets.

3. Mindful Exercise

Just because your pet is old doesn't mean it can't still be active. Activity is even more important at an older age to keep their joints limber and avoid weight gain. Older pet metabolism will slow down, making it easy for them to gain weight if they're lazy animals. So give your pet daily exercise with short but frequent walks. Feel free to use their toys to play with them every day. Keep them active, but take it easy.

4. Comfort Updates

Keep your elderly pet as comfortable as possible at all times. Make sure they always have soft cushion bedding that's in a warm area in the winter and cool in the hot summer months. Keep food and water easily accessible for them. It may be harder for your older cat and dogs to climb and jump like before, so try to keep anything they need to access at a lower level. Older pets are still a vital part of the family, so give them the love, care, playtime, and nutrition they deserve. Keep on top of their care by bringing them to Norwalk Animal Hospital when needed. Our pet hospital looks forward to helping you care for your pet.

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